• The Tui-Tuis


    Silvia is a smart girl. She loves greenery, country walks, animals, and is a volunteer in a center to take care of sick little hedgehogs. Would you like to help her? Sew the recipes and prepare burrows for them! you will see that they will be happy!

  • Adele Tui-Tui
    The Tui-Tuis


    Adele loves to fly. And often she also carries on her grandmother Catherine. Flying?! Yes! In the end it’s like riding a bike, isn’t it? A little higher and without the earth under the feet, but what will it be!? …

  • The Tui-Tuis


    Hi, I’m Daisy. Today I am very happy because Anita found the name for my cat. I will call him Miro. He is a very affectionate cat, he always curls up next to me and sleeps. He never leaves me and follows me everywhere, so I take him for a walk in my bag, it is his favorite pet carrier.…

  • Elodie
    The Tui-Tuis


    I’m Elodie and I’m going to a friend’s birthday. I bring a nice gift… what will it be? Definitely a beautiful surprise! The green polka dot present box is open, if you want you can also add a gift. We will certainly have fun. Do you join us?

  • Almandine
    The Tui-Tuis


    I like to paint, draw and read. I always go to see the painting exhibitions around the city, together with my friends. And bookstores are my favorite places! I love colorful clothes and to be fashionable. My favorite colors are green and blue. It shows? 😀  

  • Zoe
    The Tui-Tuis


    I like rock and I’m a musician. I play drums and bass and I am always traveling with my band to play in concerts. I like singing, getting to know new places … and coloring my hair with blue! 😀

  • Paulina
    The Tui-Tuis


    I’m Paulina, and I’m a princess from the kingdom of the Candy Castles. Now I go to the party organized by the prince. I have a biscuit carriage with caramel wheels, and six butterflies will fly me to the party. Do you like my dress?

  • Camilla
    The Tui-Tuis


    I love swimming, twice a week I run to the pool. Diving is my specialty. Aunt Jo designed a fantastic swim suit with fishes, sea stars and seahorses. She put them even on my bathrobe pocket! After training I can wear shorts and a polka dot shirt with sneakers. I bring my wet bathrobe home in my comfortable striped bag.…

  • Andrea
    The Tui-Tuis


    Here I am, it’s Andrea! Do you like my checkered shirt? I love taking pictures and walking with my friend Almandine. The little squirrel you see has become our friend and when we go to the mountains he comes to greet us and play with us. Anita, a dear friend of Andrea’s adventures, gave the little squirrel a name: it’s…

  • The Tui-Tuis


    I’m Lola, and I’m a veterinarian. I love animals and I take care of rabbits, cats, dogs … Here I also have Claretta with me, a very nice hen who has now remained in my studio and helps me when chicks arrive who do not want to take medicines.

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