The creators of Tui-Tui®

We are two creatives, Elena De Paoli and Jo Casajus. For some time we had the dream of resuming an old game from the trunk of memories, the paper doll, which we then made with our special fabric, creating a real doll to dress in a thousand different ways. What a beauty to be with mom, grandmother or aunt (but also with dad) to sew and learn together! That kind of games are a bit lost today, but are invaluable in helping children acquire important manual skills. Fine motor skills, the ability to wait, create something of your own step by step and completing the toy with a thousand stories and invented characters. Crop, sew, invent…

We tried it and we hope you enjoy them so much!

Periodically there will be new Tui-Tui: the Tui-Tui that pilots a glider, the one that keeps a vegetable garden full of lush plants, a Tui-Tui fireman, a Tui-Tui pastry chef, and a thousand other worlds to discover.

Elena De Paoli (Elena DP Crea) – The modeling of the Tui-Tui® is the work of Elena. Born in the 60s, grown up reading fashion and crafts magazines, with grandmother and mother who handed down ancient craft techniques. Perfected over the years in schools, laboratories now reinterpret this know-how with a personal style, searching for alternative materials in order to obtain particular effects. The constant search for the accessory with scenic effect led me to collaborate with Cremonese theater companies, with good photographers and musicians in search of the particular dress, the stage equipment, both to participate in important competitions on contemporary jewelery and accessories, made with unconventional materials, receiving important awards.

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Jo Casajus (Studiogriffin) – She was born in Rosario in Argentina in 1966 in the 1980s, she moved to Italy where she studied at the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan, to then devote herself to advertising graphics and illustration. In fact, he has made various publications for children for various publishers. As a graphic designer she worked for various companies dealing with museum merchandising, packaging, and created the graphics for Ecofiera, Casalasco Volunteer Festival, Polo Museale Vespasiano Gonzaga Sabbioneta, Brescia Musei. Since 2008 he has followed art courses in kindergartens and primary schools, also being part of the Mus-e Italia project from 2010 to 2013. He is currently part of the trainers of RITMìA experts in the field of visual communication.

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Follow us, because there will be many workshops around Italy to learn how to make Tui-Tui, with tricks, tips, new models.

You can find us in the various events around Italy, to get to know us in person. But you can also order by writing to

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