• How-to-do

    How to make Tui-Tui® dolls?

    Let’s start with your Tui-Tui®! Are you ready to play with me? With the help of an adult you can try to sew my little body. Everything is ready? Let’s begin! But … how to do it? You have to cut my images following the contours of the drawing. Leave no seam allowance, my Ziette have already added them. Overlap…

  • Pigiama

    How to sew the dresses and accesories?

    Here are some advices to better craft my dresses. The fabric the Aunties chose will not come a part ripping or tearing, you will not need to do a hem. Cut the dresses flush to the image, don’t leave spare material for the stitching, they are already spaced. Sew where you see the dotted lines. Overlap the flaps with the…

  • How-to-do

    Small tips and some warnings

    If you have a panel to mount: For the safety of the child, the assembly phase must always be done in the presence of an adult. Do not leave needles or scissors used for assembly unattended. The panel is made of fabric which can cause suffocation if used improperly. If you purchased your already made Tui-Tui: For the safety of…

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