How to sew the dresses and accesories?

Here are some advices to better craft my dresses.

The fabric the Aunties chose will not come a part ripping or tearing, you will not need to do a hem.

Cut the dresses flush to the image, don’t leave spare material for the stitching, they are already spaced.

Sew where you see the dotted lines. Overlap the flaps with the hatching of the same color.

Straight lines should only be cut and should not be sewn.

The position of the closing buttons on the clothes depends on how the doll was padded.

Some tank tops have longer shoulder straps that cross on the back. To cross them correctly, match the ball and the buttonhole of the same color. They don’t need to be sewn! Just use two small pieces of velcro.

On my clothes, you will see that there are buttons / dots and buttonholes. But how can be closed my clothes and accessories? Here are some ideas:

1.The Aunties recommend closing the garments with a piece of velcro. Remember … sew the pieces of velcro with a needle and thread where the buttonholes and buttons are marked.

2.Or you could sew a small button with a needle and thread and cut a buttonhole of the right size where you see it outlined.

3.Or sew a small metal snap button.

But careful to sew well with resistant thread because both buttons and snap buttons could come off and be swallowed.

The socks / shoes: fold and sew on the curve and on the side. In the shoes with sock drawn  stop to sew a few centimeters before the top edge. They will fit more easily. The upper part will not be sewn. Turn over and leave the stitching inside.

Shopper-type bags: sew on the sides and bottom (the dashed lines parts) do not sew the handles. Turn over and leave inside the stitchings.

Sleeveless shirts and dresses: sew the shoulders. Turn over. Use velcro or a button for closure. A fold on each side under the armholes, doing so: bring the two colored points closer and fix the fold with two points.

Tunic and jackets with sleeves: Sew from the inside of the fabric (the wrong side). Sew by hand or by machine, from the wrist to the shoulder, both the destroy side and the left side. Then wrist, sleeve, down to the bottom of the jacket on amber sides. Stir. Closing with velcro or button (see signs)

Trousers and shorts: sew by overlapping the models following the numbers and dashed lines of the same color. Sew in this order:

1 – trouser crotch behind

2 – Pince on the right, from the large side to the tip then the pince on the left

3 – approach and sew the dashed lines  of the same color (n.2) of the right leg

4 – approach and sew the dashed lines  of the same color (n.3) of the left leg – Turn over

Close the trousers with velcro or button.

Dress with flaps: sew from the dashed  line to the bottom of the dress, combining the dashed lines  of the same color. The back should be closed with a single velcro or button

Skirt: sew the sides following the hatches. Turn over. Close the closing slit behind the skirt with velcro or button.

Sleeveless jacket: just cut around the model including the two holes. To wear it, simply insert the arms of the Tui-tui into the cut holes.

Glasses and crowns: make a small hole on the rods or at the base of the crown and put on a thin elastic cord type, then knot. Or use a flat elastic and with thick stitches sew the rod on the elastic.

Shoulder bag: cut circle, semicircle and shoulder strap. Sew the dotted parts upside down. Remember, match the dots of the same color and fix the right side of the shoulder strap. Turn over. Close the flap of the bag with velcro or button.

Gift package: fold and sew along the dashed line. Turn over and leave the seams inside. Do not sew the upper side, you can insert a gift for your Tui-tui’s birthday party.

Animals, sweets and other special accessories: overlap the two parts, front and back, of the same animal or object, leaving the drawings inside. Sew from the white part half a centimeter from the edge all around remembering to leave a small opening on one side. Turn the fabric out of the opening. Pad with wadding. Close the opening by sewing with a needle and blind stitch thread.

If you find yourself in difficulty you could call the Aunties who will give you the information you need. Follow where they will move. They could arrive in your city, in some events they might even sew new dresses with you, show you how to make a hat, a handbag or a particular model.


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