Small tips and some warnings

etichetta CE

If you have a panel to mount:

For the safety of the child, the assembly phase must always be done in the presence of an adult. Do not leave needles or scissors used for assembly unattended. The panel is made of fabric which can cause suffocation if used improperly.

If you purchased your already made Tui-Tui:

For the safety of the child, check the puppet before each use.

At the first sign of damage or defects, the game must be repaired: the padding may be swallowed.

Do not use with children under 36 months.

It is advisable not to immerse the stuffed doll in water, but to clean with a wet cloth with slightly soapy warm water. If the toy is very dirty, remove the padding before washing in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Some fabric accessories may be small in size (handbags or shoes), be careful because if swallowed they could cause suffocation.

Always remember that the packaging is not a toy. Remove the product from the packaging and do not give it to children to play with. Always keep our data in order to contact us in case of doubts or problems.

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