How to make Tui-Tui® dolls?

Let’s start with your Tui-Tui®!

Are you ready to play with me? With the help of an adult you can try to sew my little body. Everything is ready? Let’s begin!

But … how to do it?

  • You have to cut my images following the contours of the drawing. Leave no seam allowance, my Ziette have already added them.
  • Overlap the two parts so that the drawing remains inside, you will have to sew on the white side about half a centimeter from the edge.
  • You can sew me by hand with a needle and resistant thread at “close back stitch” or with the sewing machine using a narrower than normal stitch.

In what order to sew my little body?

  • You will start sewing from the end of the fuchsia line all the way around to the beginning of the other fuchsia line. For now, do not sew this space, you will need it to turn and stuff my little body.
  • For reinforcement, I recommend making a double seam in the hollow of the arms and legs, on the sides of the neck and at the junction of the pigtail.
  • To avoid strange creases, practice some very small cuts on the edge of the curved fabric, at the point of: neck, shoulders, legs, arms, hands, feet and head. BUT BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO PASS OR CUT THE SEWING YOU HAVE JUST DONE.
  • Now stuff and twist the fabric of my little body. It starts from the far and narrow ends like the pigtail legs and arms, and leaves the head and trunk last. With your hands you invite the fabric to turn over forming a small bowl, then help yourself with a stick WITHOUT POINT and push gently. Don’t be in a hurry to get them out of the fuchsia opening immediately. The padding must be nice compact.
  • Turn my whole body around.
  • Now stuff your head and shoulders and lastly your belly. The padding must be compact.

Well, how do I look to you? If you see small folds, always helping yourself with the stick, add padding. My neck must not bend. The seams must be intact and without holes.

  • The time has come to close the fuchsia line by hand with a needle and thread with an invisible stitch. The fuchsia part you will have to push it inside the belly, it must not be seen!
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